Birds & Words #2

Woodpecker drumming, penguin feathers, bird-friendly coffee, and more

1. Woodpecker brain shows signs of damage from all that hammering after all

Protein linked to brain damage in humans has been detected in woodpeckers. But the birds seem to be doing well.

2. How do birds like their coffee?

Arabica or robusta – coffee is good for birds.

3.  More on woodpeckers *drumroll*

Woodpeckers have signature drum beats – that’s probably how they tell each other apart.

4. Penguin eggshells and feathers give us a window into the past

Eggshells and feathers tell stories of the bird’s changing diet and environment over the past 80 years. Eggcellent discovery.

5. Those talons

A video of the murderous talons of raptors.

6. Artist creates minimalist illustrations of Tokyo’s common birds

Can’t get enough of these.

7. Keeping birds from crashing into buildings

A combination of sound and light could alert birds to the danger ahead by causing them to slow down.

8. A staggering number of birds are killed every year

One million birds are hunted every year for food and taxidermy at this lagoon in Iran. One million.

9. Yellow cardinal delights birdwatchers

Extremely rare cardinal wears yellow instead of red.

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