Birds & Words #12

Art, literature, journalism, photography, and more.

Giving a hoot about owls
Africa has a new poaching problem on the horizon that it is unprepared to deal withowl eggs are being stolen to be sold on the black market for $500 apiece. The demand is so high scientists have put their research on hold to avoid drawing any unwanted attention to the birds.

This comic strip illustrates the plight of the critically endangered Eastern Curlew, whose wetland home in Queensland, Australia, is set to become a residential and recreational spot. The development project will eat into 40 hectares of the wetland, which is a Ramsar site.

The world’s rarest bird is ready to lose its title
The Madagascar Pochard was thought to be extinct but in 2006 scientists stumbled upon the remaining 25 birds, making it the world’s rarest. A conservation plan was hatched and now, scientists have released 21 captive-raised birds into the wild.

Books about birds
The holidays maybe over but who needs an excuse to buy books, right? So here are 2018’s top 12 books, shortlisted and reviewed by GrrlScientist.

Half-formed birds
See the works of an artist who combines ink, pencils and water color to illustrate birds and other creatures in their most realand unrealforms.

Through the lens
A colorful selection of about 30 photographs whittled down from thousands of entries to the National Geographic’s Your Shot assignment on birds.

Aussie birds
And if you can’t get enough of the beauty of birds, here are more pictures—this time from Australia’s maiden bird photography awards. Familiarize yourself with several Aussie birds in one place.

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