Plastic-free seals

Whales, seabirds, turtles, crabs, and worms—all kinds of marine animals are afflicted with plastic pollution. But seals living in the eastern Canadian Arctic seem to have so far escaped this modern plight. When scientists examined the stomach contents of the Arctic’s ringed, bearded, and harbor seals, they found krill, fish, kelp, roundworms, and even rocks. But not plastic…

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Image credit:  Madelaine Bourdages

Of fiddler crabs and their fiddles

A male fiddler crab’s massive pincer serves a clawful of purposes. It’s useful in fighting off males and wooing females, but being big and heavy also makes it a liability. Fortunately, if caught by a predator, the crab can shed this hefty claw and scuttle to the safety of its burrow. Research shows this escape act might be facilitated by the fact that, after losing the claw, the crab runs almost a third faster.

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