Chemistry World 

Indian science congress moved after fears of student disturbances

Scorpion fine-tunes its venom to ward off predators

Rare mineral coating cushions cuckoo eggs during incubation

Chemistry exam leaks anger Indian students 

Indian scientists applaud research budget


They show sea life on the sea shore

Not all that green? Wind farms have a cascading effect on local wildlife

Two new species of lizards found hiding in plain sight

The 2016 ‘monkey fever’ outbreak was not the first in Maharashtra

Fan-throated lizards fanned out when the monsoons took hold

Bush frog fathers are sole caregivers, protect young from cannibals

Three rattan species in the Western Ghats are endangered

BBC Earth

How we evolved to drink alcohol

These newly-discovered frogs have really weird tadpoles

The beautiful brightly-coloured beasts that nobody noticed

Secrets of the insect architecture

Velvet ants bristle with weapons and are almost invincible

The 13 birds with the most amazing eggs

The 16 most amazing nests built by birds

Horror fly feasts on ant brains

Treasure trove of new frogs found

Live Science

To avoid being eaten, tadpoles aren’t choosy about escape vehicle

Female dragonflies play dead to escape stalking males

‘Crypt-keeper wasp’ turns its host into a self-sacrificing zombie

Four new wasp species identified in China

Egyptian mummy’s face recreated with 3D printing

New Scientist

Watch a monkey floss its teeth with a bird feather

Freeloading mites are squatting on spider webs and stealing food

Perfectly preserved fossil salamander even has last meal in gut

Fungus creates zombie beetles that crave flowers before death

The strange Cook pine trees that always lean towards the equator

Ants trapped in nuclear bunker are developing their own society

Eating each other’s faeces helps earwig young survive famine

Back-stabbing butterflies rob the ants that once protected them

DJ frogs sing like birds, remixing tunes on the hop


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