National Geographic

Mother monkey eats mummified baby in ‘astonishing’ case

Atlas Obscura

Self-taught Indian artist sculpts intricate birds from paper and wire


Watch a moth drink tears from a bird’s eye

Watch this caterpillar fling its beetle attacker through the air

How the sandfish lizard stays sand-free

Songbirds tap dance to seduce their mate

How Ant-Man ants got this Cheerio home

Three-hundred-million-year-old fossil fish still has traces of eye tissue

National Geographic Traveller India

London’s got a wild side

Hakai Magazine

This sea urchin just won’t die

Scientists managed to find marine animals that weren’t contaminated by plastic

When being big, strong, and sexy comes at a cost

Killifish eggs can survive being eaten

Little auks suck

RoundGlass Sustain

The backwater of Bhigwan

Citizen science data and the state of India’s birds

Matchbox art: Kindling the fire to save endangered birds

Nature inFocus

When predator turns prey

The Wire

An illegal eggs trade is threatening the seabirds of Lakshadweep

One in eight bird species facing extinction worldwide

Frogs, birds, lizards: What’s behind the spate of discoveries in India?

Meet the Western Ghats’ wonderful new freshwater crabs

How tadpole consumption is driving the endangered purple frog to extinction

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