The art of making paper birds

A hummingbird hovering in the air laps up nectar from a coneflower. Newborn bulbul chicks beg their mother for food. A male kingfisher offers fish to a female kingfisher, perched on a mossy piece of driftwood. These are some of the natural history moments captured by artist Niharika Rajput in her lifelike paper sculptures.

I interviewed the artist for Atlas Obscura about her artistic process and all things birds.

Image credit: Niharika Rajput

A burning desire to save birds

A birder and a phillumenist have teamed up for an art project that combines their interests and carries a conservation message.

Hobbyist birder Mitul Patel has a day job as the art director at an advertisement agency in Mumbai and matchbox collector Asif Kureshi is an independent graphic designer based in New Delhi. A while back, the two friends found themselves brainstorming ideas on bird-themed art and that’s how 12 endangered birds ended up on matchbox covers in a series called ‘The Burning Birds of India.’

Read my story about the project at RoundGlass Sustain.

Image credit: Mitul Patel